02 December 2009

Family Spotlight #3: Pictures and Memories For John Andrew Wilson and Family

Please make a comment if you have any memories of John Andrew Wilson and/or his family.

Here are some things that I've have found on the internet through the years.

The following was from http://www.millercountymuseum.org/bios/bio_w.html


John A. Wilson (as known as Jack) was born in Miller County on February 29 1860. He was a son of Nathaniel Wilson and his first wife, Matilda Lawson. Both his father and mother were natives of East Tennessee. Matilda's parents were James Matt Lawson and Susan Knox.

Nathaniel/Nathan Wilson and Matilda Lawson were parents of several children including:

1. Eliza J. Wilson b. c/1859
2. John A. Wilson b. 1860 m. Emma Jane Machon
3. George W. Wilson b. c/1862
4. James H. Wilson b. c/1865

Evidently Matilda died after the birth of James and then Nathaniel/Nathan married her younger sister, Susan Lawson. They had at least one child: 5. William J. Wilson b. c/1869

In the census of 1880, John A./Jack Wilson was living in the home of James W. and Matilda (Whitaker) Rowden in Osage township. Also in their home was Emma J. Machon who married Jack in 1883. Some of their neighbors in 1880 included the families of Rowden, McKee, Lawson, Clark, Gosvenor, Clark, Messersmith, Shelton, and Duncan.

John/Jack Wilson and Emma Jane Machon were married in Miller County on November 27, 1883, the marriage performed by Granville B. Hickey, a minister of the gospel. She was a daughter of Thomas and Mary J. Machon. Thomas was born in England and Mary was a descendant of Kentucky pioneers. Most of their family members are buried at the Jim Matt Lawson Cemetery in neighboring Maries County.

John/Jack and Emma (Machon) Wilson became parents of several children:

1. Sarah A. Wilson 1884-1892 (buried at Jim Matt Lawson Cemetery)
2. Ida M. Wilson b. 1887 m. John F. Hannah
3. Lawrence Wilson b. 1888 m. Sarah Dake
4. Leonard Wilson b.1892 m. Frankey Dake
5. James McKinley Wilson b.1895 m. Mae________
6. Hattie Wilson b.1897 m. Milton F. Jenkins
7. Victor Wilson b. c/1901 m. Thelma Rowden
8. Ray Wilson b. 1903 m. Martha Dorothy Dake

John A./Jack Wilson died 5 December 1933 at the age of 73 years. He was buried at Jim Matt Lawson Cemetery. His wife, Emma Jane (Machon) died a year earlier on 5 January 1932 and is also at rest in Jim Matt Lawson Cemetery. They spent almost 50 years together as man and wife and reared their family in northeastern Richwoods Township. There have been many of their descendants living in the same area for several decades.

Note: Mary J. is actually Emma J.'s step-mom.

The following was from http://www.millercountymuseum.org/bios/bio_m.html


Emma Jane Machon was born 20 February 1864 (some records say 1866). Family legend says she was born aboard the ship that brought her parents to America from England. Her mother died at Emma's birth, so if the family legend is true, then her mother was probably buried at sea. Emma's father was Charles Thomas Machon, born circa 1824, but I do not know the name of her mother.

After coming to eastern Miller County, Thomas Machon married Mary J. Moss, a widow. They were living in Richwoods Township in 1880 near the families of Dake, McKee, Brandon, Green, Humphrey, Whitaker, Hickey, and Lawson. In their home were Emma's older brother, Charles Machon, and Mary's two children, John and Permelia Moss. During the same year, Emma Jane was living in the home of James and Mathilda (Whitaker) Rowden in neighboring Osage township.

Emma Jane Machon married John Andrew Jackson Wilson on November 27, 1883. The marriage was performed by Granville B. Hickey, a minister of the gospel. Her brother, Charles Machon, married Martha Lee in 1889. If there were other children other than Emma and Charles, I have not found record of them.

John Andrew Jackson Wilson (called Jack), Emma's husband, was born 29 February 1860 in Miller County. He was a son of Nathaniel Wilson (1834-1877) and Matilda Lawson (1841-1866). The children of Nathaniel and Matilda were: ELIZA J. WILSON 1859-1873; JOHN ANDREW JACKSON WILSON 1860-1933 m. Emma Jane Machon; GEORGE W. WILSON 1862-1910; JAMES H. WILSON b. c/1864; and NATHAN WILSON 1865-1899 m. Anna Lawson. Matilda Lawson Wilson died in 1866 and Nathaniel married her younger sister, Susan Lawson. His wives were daughters of Jim Matt Lawson. Nathaniel and Susan became parents of two children: WILLIAM J. WILSON b. c/1869 and SARAH M. WILSON 1870-1875.

Emma (Machon) and Jack Wilson reared a large family on their farm about six miles northeast of Iberia.

The children included:
1. Sarah A. Wilson 1884-1892
2. Ida M. Wilson 1887-1959 m. John Frank Hannah
3. Lawrence Wilson 1889-1964 m. Sarah __________
4. Leonard Wilson 1893-1963 m. Frankie Dake
5. James McKinley Wilson b. 1895 m. Mae Thompson
6. Hattie Pearl Wilson 1897-1950 m. Milt Jenkins
7. Pansy Edna Wilson b. 1900 m. Jeff Pendleton
8. Ray Wilson 1903-1995 m. Dorothy Dake
9. Victor Ivory Wilson 1906-1957 m. Thelma Rowden

Emma Jane Machon-Wilson died at the age of 67 years on January 12, 1932. She was survived by her husband, to whom she had been married for almost 50 years. She was also survived by 8 children and 29 grandchildren. Her funeral services were conducted by Rev. Fred Curtman and she was buried at Jim Matt Lawson Cemetery in Maries County. Her obituary stated she was a member of the Pentecostal Church but did not give the location of the church. John Andrew Jackson Wilson lived until December 1933 when he died at the age of 73 years. He was buried beside Emma at Jim Matt Lawson Cemetery.


I took these picture at
Jim Matt Lawson Cemetery, Maries, Mo, USA on 04 June 2008.
I had been there many times growing up, and this time took many different pictures of the family members who are buried there.

P.S If anyone has an obituary for John Andrew Wilson and/or Emma Jane (Machon) Wilson, or any of their children please send to email below. If you have any pictures you'd like to add send those, too. Please send to dadsfamilytree@yahoo.com.

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