02 December 2009

Family Spotlight #1: Pictures and Memories For Milton Frederick Jenkins and Family

Wow, how the years go by. I was blessed to have met and gotten to know 3 out of 4 of my Great-Grandparents. However, I didn't get to met one of my Grandpa's and don't remember the other one.

I always called Milton -- Grandpa --.

I remember going to Oklahoma to see him and Grandma. At the time I don't recall knowing that she was his second wife. I would have only been 7 years old in 1983. I remember Grandpa Jenkins giving my brother and I a coloring book to color in. I don't know if this is a memory or I remember it because of the picture my mother owns of my brother and I coloring in the coloring books on Grandpa's porch. I also remember going to a park close by that had a rocketship slide. I remember playing there when we'd go visit them in Oklahoma.

I also remember visiting him in the nursing home. It was always a good time with him. I don't remember him ever getting mad, but I'm sure he would have at some point in life. I wish I could write more but I was 10 when he past away and I just don't remember a lot of the things he would talk about. I remember being at the funeral and crying in the restroom. Someone told me everything would be fine, and it helped calm me down.

I hope someone with more memories of Grandpa Jenkins and/or his wives or children will had comments to this post. I would love to make all the families come to life with the memories we all have to share.


I received the following pictures from Juanita Louise (Cole) Peterson:

Ben Jenkins, Jake Jenkins, Arthur Jenkins, Milton Jenkins, Laurence Hex is behind Uncle Jake, other wagon...Andrew Jenkins...given to Eula Cole by Dorothy Edwards.

Milton and Hattie (Wilson) Jenkins

Hattie Pearle (Wilson) Jenkins

Milton Jenkins with second wife Jane

Some of Milton and Hattie's Grandkids

Milton Jenkins's obituary 1987

The following picture is of the cemetery where Milton and Hattie are buried at.

Picture added to FindaGrave by Jan and Harold Willis

P.S If anyone has an obituary for Hattie (Wilson) Jenkins and/or Jane (Kimball) Jenkins, or any of their children please send to email below. If you have any pictures you'd like to add send those, too. A request if anyone has pictures of Milton and Hatties gravesite, please send to dadsfamilytree@yahoo.com

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