08 January 2010

Wilson -- Lawson -- Lawson -- Wilson

Ok -- I along with many others are researching the Lawson family. My direct line has John Wilson m. Lucinda Lawson (and after she dies he m. Melinda a widow of a Lawson) -- their son Nathaniel Wilson m. Matilda Lawson and after she dies her sister Susan.

Then you have many other people --  Wilson m. Lawson and Lawson m. Lawson

WOW --

I'm currently studing a Joseph Lawson (said by some to be Melinda's {John Wilson's 2nd wife} 1st husband) because he might be related to Lucinda Lawson (1807 - 1847), who married John Wilson (1803 - 1875) 06 Dec 1827 McMinn County, Tn -- then in 1834 TN Joseph Lawson (1812 - 1847) married Melinda Willis or Smith (1814 - 1873) -- both couples moved to Missouri at different points and then Joseph and Lucinda died in 1847 and John married Melinda during the same yr 1847 Missouri.

I have a WPA transcript of Lucinda Lawson and John Wilson marrying (thanks to Joyce) -- she also emailed me stating that there are no Willis getting married in McMinn County -- and no Joseph Lawson. At the time of emailing her I had had the lastname as Willis -- today (08 Jan 2010) I came across the Smith name, but since she emailed me the Lawson names who got married in McMinn County -- I'm still sure the marriage did not take place there.

I also have the 1850 Jackson, Osage, Missouri US Census for John and Melinda thanks to Ancestry.com The family is on the bottom of the first page and continued onto the second page.

As you can see -- the family consist of John Wilson and his kids from his 1st marriage, Melinda and her kids from her 1st marriage (Lawson kids), and John and Melinda's 2 children. {CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO MAKE LARGER}


My other line of LAWSON is Matilda Lawson, daughter of James Madison Lawson and Susannah Knox. I just found the Marriage License for James and Susannah yesterday thanks to the person at ancestry.com with the USERNAME of danielboyle82. This person put it as a source and that it was index under Dawson. This info allowed me to found it on ancestry.com. The marriage license was dated 04 Apr 1839 McMinn County, Tennessee.

By 1850 James Madison Lawson and his family were living at District 13, Miller, Missouri.

By 1860 James Madison Lawson and his family were living at Boone, Maries, Missouri. He stayed in here for the rest of his life, being buried in the Family Cemetery -- Jim Matt Lawson Cemetery in Maries County, Missouri. It is said that it is named after him and that his daughter Matilda (Lawson) Wilson was the first one to be buried there in 1866.

On 12 Jan 1863 in Boone, Vienna, Maries, Missouri, USA, He made a report on the following --
List of property stolen from Lawson by guerrillas. Value of items amounts to $144.50. (REEL NUMBER - F1480)  Report that a saddle, rifle, two bridles, two blankets and one shotpouch and horn were forcibly taken from him in Boone Township (REEL NUMBER - F1153)

According to his tombstone located at Jim Matt Lawson Cemetery, Maries Country, Missouri, he died on 24 Feb 1880.


Now if this isn't getting you to want to pull out all your hair, I hope it means you know more than me and would gladly share at dadsfamilytree@yahoo.com. However, if you're like me and thinking strongly about pulling that hair out, then do something useful with it. If you are a male go to the following website {Carl L. Lawson} and at least read about the LAWSON DNA PROJECT. I hope some of you get involved. The more male Lawson to get involved the better chance of us all solving this confusing puzzle piece.

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  1. I am searching Nathan Lawson 1728 and my Drewery line. I am on the Carl Lawson site under group 3. Kit 143487. Searching for my sister and brother and myself.
    Jeanne Lawson Moss


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